A little problemo… And some good news.

March 17, 2012

Slowly and steadily, I have been out there making pictures.  Three yesterday and two today…  Working with 5 x 4 is so different to using any other medium!  I’m nervous though about processing the negs as in my last batch I had weird things going on in half of them.  But is it a problem with the film itself (a dodgy batch) or an issue with the C-41 machine?  I’ve really got to get an answer soon, otherwise I will be selling the family silver to pay for processing in a professional lab!

What do you think?

Weird light i

Weird light ii

Weird light iii

Good news:  I’ve had three meetings with my graphic designer, Christie and hopefully we are all set to present a dummy of the first design to Stuart Smith and Paul Reas.  We’ve gone from wanting a big book, to something very different…  Let’s see what the experts think.

Taking inspiration from the view?




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