Dragons and Tides

March 7, 2012

An interesting day…  Presenting to the Graphic Designers was just a tad nerve-inducing.  It’s just not the same as talking to a class full of Year 8s: no-one was fidgeting nor throwing things (so actually, it was a bit easier!) The main problem with my presentation was that I failed to talk about the possibility of including old maps and early 19th century drawings/illustrations in the final book…  Hopefully my designer won’t freak out when I mention this to them…

This is actually the weird bit: wondering if anyone at all ticked the ‘Yes’ (I would like to work with Denise on her book) column.  Next to all of the other projects, mine is just so quiet and straight forward.  As long as one person ticked, ‘maybe’ I will have a designer…

The day ended with a trip out to Portskewett to photograph Black Rocks at high tide.  This would have been the sort of tide that would have brought Manby to the Welsh shores.  I discovered a few things whilst trying to make the images.  Firstly, that placing the tripod VERY NEAR to the edge of the wall made me horribly anxious.  Secondly, that it was almost impossible to focus as the light faded – I really need to get a torch or a laser pen.  Thirdly, that worrying about losing my balance and/or my camera into the water meant that I really couldn’t concentrate on making a picture.  More than once I forgot to remove the dark slide…

The highlight of the day though, had to be drinking hot chocolate and watching the full moon across the water.  Thank you, Lucy Fell for keeping me company and for hanging on to the Wista a couple of times when I needed an extra pair of hands.

Image by Lucy Fell.

Trying hard not to over balance. Image by Lucy Fell.


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