It’s been a while…

March 6, 2012

I haven’t updated this for ages: sorry!  But as I have to present my idea to the graphic design students tomorrow, I thought I would have a little airing of the new project on here too.

I may have mentioned before that the end product of this semester will be an ‘artist book’ – namely something constructed to present my photographs in the best way possible.  Luckily, I will be working alongside a GD student and together we will create something rather special.  Well, that is the intention/hope anyway…

Inspired by the 1802 text, ‘An Historic and Picturesque Guide from Clifton, Through the Counties of Monmouth, Glamorgan, and Brecknock, with Representations of Ruins, Interesting Antiquities, &C. &C’ , I have decided to follow the route of Captain George William Manby and make contemporary landscape pictures that will say something about Wales in the 21st Century.  Whilst visiting sites described in the book, it is not simply my intention to work out where he stood and make a new picture on the spot: I will also be keeping my eyes open for anything along the way which speaks to me.

Whilst using my beloved Wista (oh, the expense), I am also aware that in making this work I am following in the metaphorical footsteps of other photographers who have chosen to focus on a journey.  All the ones I know (and admire) seem to be blokes: Alec Soth, Simon Roberts, Mark Power and Rob Hornstra and I would be VERY GRATEFUL indeed if anyone could point me in the direction of any women landscape photographers who have also got in a car, bus or campervan and headed out into the great unknown…  Answers on a postcard please to…  Actually, you could always leave me a comment!

Here are some scans (with strange colours, dust and bits of hairy stuff)…  Work in Progress:

Tredegar 6 x 6: not to be included.

To be re-shot - in order to reduce the foreground. Advice from Clive... Get a cherry-picker!

And the tree is the punctum.

Bring it in at the sides - just a little. Lose a bit of the foreground...

'Everyone back to me'.


I just had to make this picture.




2 Responses to “It’s been a while…”

  1. lyncaswell Says:

    Interesting, as always. The tree you refer to in the view from Christchurch is surely an overgrown telegraph pole?
    Love the water, and the sky in the last one is such a stunning blue, not seen since visiting Notre Dame in Paris; the picture as a whole is beautiful.

    • denisefotheringham Says:

      I call it a tree, because that is what Clive called it in my tutorial! If he thinks it is a tree, it is a tree. Clive is Mr Wista after all! Thanks for the comments though, I love it when people actually write something on the blog. x.

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