New Project: Photographic Research

February 6, 2012

Well, I have started driving around in the hunt for locations to photograph for my next project…

Tredegar i

Tredegar ii

Tredegar iii


5 Responses to “New Project: Photographic Research”

  1. hollypompom Says:

    Tredegar 2 Has something special about it. The compostion and the general tone of the picture is very good. I wonder what this would look like using a large format camera! You must go back at early and late times of the day.

    • denisefotheringham Says:

      Thanks for the feedback about the images. I will be going back with the 5 x 4. I am still at the ‘go out for a drive and research’ stage!

  2. hollypompom Says:

    Tredegar 3 does not have the same composition as Tredegar 2 because the river appears to be pouring out of the picture.

    You must try harder…!!!!!!

  3. hollypompom Says:

    I would love to see another photo of Tredegar 2 taken from the same spot at a different time of the day, possibly early morning, using your 5×4 camera. I know you have one!!

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