‘From Christchurch-yard all travellers will unite in admiring the delightful and exquisite scene its commanding situation exhibits: from thence the eye roves with unceasing satisfaction, and receives enjoyment from the beautiful assemblage of every species of variety, in the combination of which, a glorious landscape of nature’s production is conspicuously portrayed, and with elegance united.’  (Manby, 1802.  p. 44)


More wanderings

February 8, 2012

It was a real DRAG to get out of bed this morning: with no working heating in my room the temp must have been in minus figures…  But I had promised myself a day out with the cameras in the search for locations for my Manby project…  A pair of thermal long-johns and two pairs of socks later, I was ready to see what my 1802 guide had to show me (don’t worry, I was wearing other stuff too!)

I had intended to use the Wista today, but I only ended up making one picture.  I feel I need to see what is there, make digital images, bring them back and really THINK about what I can show and what the viewer might get from the final product.  I can’t remember if I have said elsewhere in the blog, but this semester’s job is to make work that is ‘conceptual’ and produce a set of exhibition prints and a book.  At between £3.50 and £4.00 per sheet of 5 x 4 film, I do not want to risk wasting any – hence the digital ‘research’ shots.  This approach worked pretty well last time, so, fingers crossed…

Apart from the half an hour spent eating cod and chips in USK (it just had to be done), I was out and about for 5-ish hours: long enough for the cold to seep through the base layer and into my weary bones.  To follow are the pics that might lead me back…

Celtic Manor Land

CML ii

This won't be re-shot, I just like it.

River Usk i

River Usk ii

River Usk iii

River Usk iv

There Once Stood A House i

There Once Stood a House ii

There Once Stood a House iii

Yet again, I have come across another grand house that was demolished in the 1950s…  It’s just so sad.

Well, I have started driving around in the hunt for locations to photograph for my next project…

Tredegar i

Tredegar ii

Tredegar iii