New work…

January 24, 2012

It’s going to be another week and a bit before I get to sit down with Paul Reas, Conceptual Documentary Photography guru (and the next module’s leader for anyone not at Newport) and so it is all about the ideas at the moment; the ideas and the research.  Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will know how much I like research, so that bit’s easy.  I have an idea too – but it is whether or not it will get the ‘thumbs up’ from Caesar Paul, or not…

I ran it past Clive and Ken at my recent assessment interview.  Clive recommended that I don’t get too bogged down in theory (I think I said a bit much about women and photography and the landscape whilst discussing my pics) and Ken suggested that it would offer a good opportunity to further develop my skills with the 5 x 4.  They didn’t exactly jump up and down and exclaim that, “Bloomin’ heck Denise: you’ve hit on an exciting and original idea there!”  But they did seem to quite like it…

So, a little tease here:  if you want to play the game.  There is a link between my ‘A Gentle Eminence’ project and my book/pics idea; it will involve landscape photography; I will use my beautiful Wista (oh, the expense…  I did suggest I work digitally this time, but both men became rather animated and I respectfully backed down); it’s going to involve an old map or two…

The way I visualise things at the moment, I will produce a body of work that will speak about the landscape, but also some of the people who inhabit it…  Hurrah, possibly an opportunity for Soth style portraiture…  It could end up being interesting and maybe even a bit pretty.  We shall see.

Today I went to find the place which may actually be the start of the journey.  I ‘made’ a couple of descriptive shots of what is there and then, the battery in my little G-11 went.  Bugger.  This is the only one I have.  So, an extra clue to the idea I have:

Research trip I

Another pic I took is but a pale imitation of one shot in the past by the wonderful photographer and all round good person, Alice Carfrae:

Research trip II

Maybe she will let me have a j-peg of the image in question and I can post it here and you can see just how gorgeous the original version actually is…


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