Back and broken already…

January 8, 2012

Lesson to self: Always check your kit when you get home from a trip.  Don’t wait until you are in the middle of a muddy field and need to use it.  Turns out that at some point in transit, my carefully packed Wista sustained a little damage…  The focusing screen cracked like Agatha Christie’s mirror (from side to side.)  After making three very tentative exposures with it in this condition, I hightailed it down to a large superstore (that shall not benefit from any advertising here) and bought a couple of those phone screen protectors.  It may not be pretty, it may actually not be doing much good, but psychologically I am thinking that the glass won’t totally fall apart just yet…

Another downside to having a broken focusing screen, is that I am unable to use my little extension thingy and am therefore reduced to sticking my head underneath the black cloth once more, sticking my backside out for any passersby to slap (luckily for me I photograph away from the crowds) and squinting like buggery to try to make out if anything is actually in focus – I really MUST get a new prescription for my glasses!  The difficulty with focusing has been very problematic and who knows what the images will be like when I finally get them printed.

I seem to have fallen a little bit out of love with the project too.  This is possibly because of the break from it, but also because I am aware that if I want to develop the work in the future I will not be able to re-submit any of the pictures I make now.  I did find something new in the landscape today which might just work visually and metaphorically, so all is not totally lost.  Unless of course the image isn’t sharp!



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