An Italian Winter

December 31, 2011

Ok – so a new venture…  A post not about Llanwern!  I thought on this New Year’s Eve I might share what I have been up to with the Wista whilst on holiday in Lazio…  When I told Clive and Ken that the Housebound project was NOT GOING WELL (I think only having 2 images qualifies as a bit of a disaster) they both challenged me to make some work over Christmas.  So, I have been making a few  pictures that are to do with the Italian economy, the dependence on tourism along the lake shores and the Winter shut-down.

Predominantly featuring reflections, the images are meant to both show the present state of the property/business, but also to hint at their past – what they were involved with only a few months ago.  The reflections of lake/hills that appear somewhere in the shot also talk about the future – about how just as the water and rock are permanent features, so the tourists will return to enjoy them.

Possibly all a bit hackneyed… Nothing particularly original going on – but then, all art is theft.  Isn’t it?

I’m really getting into the idea of being a landscape photographer – reading for my essay has affirmed what I know already – there are not enough women out there getting their landscape pictures into the public domain.  Who knows if this is a phase or a fad, but I am enjoying it!

Here are a few pics taken in the places I am making the 5 x 4 images: just to give a sense of the area… They form part of my ‘research’ (that bit of the project where you wander around looking.)  I have no idea if they will work, if I will have enough or even if they will be used, but it has been good to spend a little time with my baby, concentrating on being all metaphorical.

Happy new year!

Bracciano - Lake shore.

Research II

Research iii

Research iv

Research v

Research vi

Research vii

Research viii


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