G.I.P. (Grid in progress)

November 14, 2011

It’s been a busy couple of weeks… I haven’t been slacking – honest! My Llanwern project is shaping up nicely, thank you: although, I still don’t have a single usable image… Since my last post, I have become the proud owner of a Wista 5 x 4 camera (thank you, Ray) and have been wandering the countryside with the camera on my back and a tripod on my shoulder. Actually, ‘wandering’ is too light a verb: the weight of the kit fairly grounds you to the earth; who needs boot camp when you have a Wista? I am LOVING working with the Wista and I hope that some of that love will come through the images that I make. We shall see.

One careful owner: the fabulous Ray.
First date with the Wista.
Interesting position…
Wista position II…
There’s a lot of waiting around to be done.
Here’s lookin’ at ya.
And finally: a well deserved cup of tea.

Big thanks to Lyn Caswell for helping me to carry my kit and for using my G11 to get pics of me bending over…


One Response to “G.I.P. (Grid in progress)”

  1. hollypompom Says:

    We loved the various camera position photos. I suppose being the proud owner of a wonderful 5×4 camera has its advantages. We look forward to seeing some early morning misty pictures with lots of mood.

    Pat & Ray Wood.

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