Green light from Paul…

November 2, 2011

Phew!  The seminar yesterday seemed to go well.  I think Paul Reas ‘liked’ the idea for the project, but he did advise caution – the obvious danger is that I get sucked into the archive angle and end up either having too much stuff and no clear way through it, or not getting what I want…  I need to make sure that the contemporary landscape images stand on their own, without relying on the archive material to make sense of them…

I’ve emailed all sorts of folk to find out more about the house and its history, including the Imperial War Museum, The Australian Army Archives and The National Trust (seemingly Lady Rhondda offered it to the Trust in the 1940s, but they turned her down.  I am hoping and praying that there might still be correspondence from this period in their archives, but who knows!) Although I have to work on my patience levels as far as waiting for answers goes, I can still carry on my research in the local library and that will be my job for this morning.

My glamorous assistant back in Old Basing, aka Lyn Caswell sent me a fabulous link to an on-line historical maps source (maps provided by The British Library) – so if you want to check out the historical topography of an area, check out:

The maps go back to 1805!

Detail from 1830 map, courtesy of The British Library

The local library also holds historical maps and I shall be looking for interesting details later!

The more I think about working on this project, the more excited I get.  I wonder if working on the Daniel Meadows’ archive gave me a taste for hunting down details…  Whatever the psychology behind this fascination and desire to explore the landscape, I embrace it.

The only downside is that Clive is insisting that I buy a Large Format camera.  It’s obviously a while since he purchased one as his estimate of costings was way under.  I am now in the process of trying to sell bits of MF kit and my digital bits and pieces in order to raise some funds.  I’m not selling everything though: I’m hanging on to my Hass and the precious little baby Sid gave me, so all is not lost…  Anyone want an RB67 with two lenses?




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