Long time, no see…

October 28, 2011

For almost two years, my photography life has sort of been on hold.  I had never imagined that I could ever stop seeing the world around me, but this is sort of what happened.  I could look, but not see.  Look, but not lift the camera to my eyes and capture anything beyond holiday experiences and pretty shapes.  Not that there is anything wrong with this (I have some fab holiday shots) but the connection between myself and the world through my camera was frayed to almost breaking point.

Thanks to the love of a good man and the gift of a wee G-11, I began to have a bit of fun with a lens and eventually I started to get back to the place where I wanted to make pictures again.  It’s felt at times as though I have been in a decompression chamber after a particularly arduous dive: the return up to the surface has needed to be slow so that my lungs would not burst.  And now I am coming up through the tight emulsion surface of the water and can breathe again…

So, I am now back at Newport.  And it feels GOOD.  Things have changed both inside me and within the Faculty and the future is very exciting for both…

So, if you are interested in watching me flounder and hopefully grow – keep an eye on this space.

Big hugs,


In my 'grid'...



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