The Spot Project, Final Edit

May 15, 2009

Word: Red

“If you happen to walk any distance between two redheaded girls, it is a sign that you will soon be very rich.”

Approximately 1% of the world’s population has ginger or red hair.

“Redheaded women are either violent or false, and usually are both.”

By 2150, it will be 0%.

“In Donegal, if a girl is born with red hair it is a sign that there was a pig under the bed.”

Folklore, myth and general foolishness would have us believe that to have red hair is to be cursed in some way or other. Challenge anyone to invent or repeat playground nicknames for redheads and they will no doubt come up with ones such as Carrot-top, Copper-Knob, Duracell and Ginga. For centuries redheads have been derided and now their very existence is at threat.

According to geneticists such as University College London’s Professor Steve Jones, the already beleaguered, recessive gene that causes red pigmentation is in danger of dying out and by 2150, we could be living on a planet without the vibrance and colour of the ‘gingers’.

The survival of the ‘ginger gene’ is now the responsibility of the boys and girls, young men and women that are to be found in the suburban garden, on the playing fields and in the high streets of all of our towns and cities.

It is a responsibility they are not quite ready to worry about just yet.

Red i

Red i

In this gap there should be a Red ii … but for some reason, it won’t load…  If you want to see the missing image, please scroll down a few pages until you find a shot of a young man, entitled Cheltenham i

Red iii

Red iii

Red iv

Red iv

Red v

Red v

Red vi

Red vi

rb 4 11 boy blue plaster

Red viii

Red viii

Red ix

Red ix

DP2 – The Spot Project: Research


Contemporary portrait photographers who have made work either about redheads, young people and/or young people on the street:

Redhead, Joel Meyerowitz

Root Ginger, Jenny Wicks

Female, Jitka Hanzlova

Portraits, Rineke Dijkstra

Seeing Red, Howard Schatz



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