Spot Project Continued: Spot I

March 25, 2009

The word for this project is, ‘Red’ and I had two ideas. The first idea was to photograph eight different girls/women, each one representing a specific decade in our lives.  Devoid of any makeup, other than red lipstick, the aim is to explore the notion of beauty and the reality of ageing.  The second idea was to make portraits of ginger or red-heads as according to some research, the hair colour will no longer be with us in approximately 50 years: the red-head is endangered.

Due to various practical and logistical problems (which I won’t go into here as they are far too tedious) I have yet to begin the ‘Ginger Project’… but I haven’t given up!

Below are a couple of images from my first ‘Red’ shoot.  The girl is five, she applied the lipstick herself.  The images were taken with a Bronica SQA and the negatives have been scanned.

5 i

5 i

5 ii

5 ii


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