The Narrative, continued.

March 13, 2009

My most recent shoot at Sid’s was not an easy one: there was a misunderstanding between he and I about access and use of any digital scans; his wife thinks that the project is riduculous and I found it difficult to get the shots I wanted.  (The camera I am using is a sweet thing, but you can’t attach a wide lens to it.)   Luckily, Sid and I sorted things out – he is very positive about the whole project (and even tried teaching me about using flash) and I am hoping that the finished product will meet Norma’s approval!  I’ve decided to post some of the images anyway, so that you can all see what I’ve been up to.  I’m not sure that any of them will make even a preliminary cut!  Apologies for the quality – when I scanned the negs, they looked okay, but on this screen there is all sorts of weird stuff going on!

Double bed for one I

Un-made bed I

Double bed for one II

Un-made bed II

Unpacking the new bird feeder

Unpacking the new bird feeder

Helmet I

Helmet I


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