Documentary Processes: My work, in progress

February 24, 2009

The Wista and I in action... Pic courtesy of Lyn Caswell.


3 Responses to “Documentary Processes: My work, in progress”

  1. Steve Pepper Says:


    I was hoping to see some of the new work, and if it will last in the public domain.

    Where are your tags/image descriptions? 😉

    Spent ages writing mine and now I cant find them so it feels pointless 😦

    Sure Ill work it out in the end.

  2. Alice Says:

    Good Stance Miss fotheringham!

    • denisefotheringham Says:

      And there’s me thinking you might say something profound and encouraging about the project! Thanks, Alice… Actually, the stance is ridiculous isn’t it? I think I shall have to work on that one. Maybe raise the tripod so that I can look straight into the ground glass screen? There is something about planting oneself when using the 5 x 4: you have to become solid to make the photograph. I am working in such a different way now and I love it!

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